Sunday, June 12, 2011

Likin’ the Lycans - A Review: Werewoof

Norm Cowie’s recently released novel is called Werewoof, which tells you a lot about the book right off the bats (pun and “s” intended). When teenaged Erin is twice bitten by a vampire, she and her family plot to rid the town of the blood-sucking evildoers before their daughter is given the third and irreversible bite that will complete her transition to undead.
Assisted by three good friends, Erin and her sister Alex soon run afoul of the wrestling team turned werewolves and a group of teenaged vampires on the prowl. The five friends find themselves in the middle of a clash between factions of not-too-bright night creatures. To this add the local triathalon team pedaling way into the middle of the battle, Erin’s bat providing vampire wisdom, and the girls’ parents running around with garlic and gardening stakes, and you find yourself leaning back in your chair and settling in for the fun.

Cowie makes you chuckle and groan as you make your way through the doggy jokes and clever one-liners, all the while keeping you invested in the fast-paced story line. In the end, the tale is more than a collection of witty turns of phrase. In fact, the story portrays a classical message of the importance of friends and family sticking together to deal with the danger beyond their threshold.   

Think “Twilight” meets “Saved by the Bell.” This one is fun for all ages.

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