Saturday, July 28, 2012

What will they think of next?

 I've decided writers are pretty good observers of people and trends in our culture. More than that, though, I seem   less and less able to keep my mouth shut about things. Now this particular issue isn't exactly important, more like  fun, but I just gotta say... is advertising something "new" called The Stir. The first time I watched the commercial I must   have been tilting my head from side to side like my dog does when he's confused. What a great idea for a new  way to meet people! We'll actually go somewhere and, wait for it, talk. In person and everything. Okay, this might be new for the internet generation, but didn't we once call these get-togethers parties? The folks have been around for a while, so I know they're successful. They enticed people to take part in on-line dating and, apparently, forget they could find a date out in the real world. Now they're organizing their own events and inviting the on-line lovelorn to the party. I guess, everything old is new again. What will they think of next?