Monday, July 18, 2011

Cassidy Creek Bridge: The Long and the "Short" of it

Sue Wentz just released a short story I really love. Not everyone can describe a couple's entire relationship in such a brief story, but she has done exactly that. "Cassidy Creek Bridge"  is the account of two people who seek shelter from a rainstorm. As is often the case when a man meets a women, a little flirtation develops and becomes a "what if" chance for a future together. In only three very limited conversations, the author portrays two well-developed characters, tension, romance, betrayal, and more. Her use of language and imagery in this story also plays an important role in making the whole thing work so well.

I'll be watching in September for her young adult novel, Servant To The Wolf. Can't wait for another great read!

Sue Wentz is an award-winning author of short stories and articles. She is also the author of a previous novel called The Bluff. She lives in Wisconsin where she enjoys horses, greyhounds, and writing.

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