Saturday, February 12, 2011

What he said

After spending about 3 hours on-line and realizing I'd never checked e-mail or blogged, which were the things I came on to accomplish, I finally log into Yahoo and find an email from a fellow Echelon author. Because my blogging has been rather lacking lately in regularity as well as originality, I decided to check out Marc Vun Kannon's blog before I started. And there, much to my surprise were many of my own thoughts.

As you'll see, if you take the time to click on the above link and read Marc's piece, this writer thing is great when you occasionally  get time to write. Lately though, I'm pretty overwhelmed with the on-line balancing act that I'm not balancing very well right now.

But Marc says it better, and besides, I can save a few keystrokes today if I just ask you to read his. And if you like steampunk, check out his books!

 So yeah, what he said....


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Author Guy said...

Thank you so much! The worst part is, I only mentioned the parts that I know! I'm sure there's lots more to be done out there.