Thursday, July 1, 2010

Computer Crazy, but not in a good way

My blog is about what is happening and what I am doing while I work toward the publication of my novel, "Snowstorm."  So far my posts have been pretty positive, philosophical even, but today - not so much.

The biggest part of what I am currently doing is establishing myself on the internet.  Because my book will come out as an e-book, it's pretty important for readers or customers to be able to find me on the web.  Even if the book was not going to initially be an e-book, the internet has become such a major factor in our daily lives, it would still be vital to have a website and to maintain  memberships in various networking groups.  I get it.
Even now, when my eyes are burning and my head is pounding, I understand it.  When I started all this, I expected to have the usual glitches, but I thought I could use a computer well enough.  Apparently, I fooled myself. 

Is there anyone else who doesn't have a clue what WWAN is?  Does your computer crash every time it downloads updates for the security program, requiring a restart, disk scan, system restore....twice?  Do you spend hours trying to set up your page on a network?  Does your system just disconnect for no apparent reason when you're 2 minutes from completing a 45-minute download of new software?  And then, do you have to explain the situation to the support people in India, the technician in Omaha, and finally the guy on the other end of the 1-800 number just so you don't have to pay for the program again? 

I know my publishing company, Echelon Press, probably thinks I'm not working on this stuff.  No doubt, the owner and editors think I'm sitting on my hands while the other authors they've signed are burning up the web with their thousand-follower blogs, state-of-the art websites, on-line interviews, and all the rest.  The trouble is when you spend two hours figuring out how to install a link between facebook and your web page, you don't get a lot accomplished.

Cross my heart, I have tried and will keep at it, but in my own defense, I come from a technology-challenged family.  Nobody in my immediate family even has a computer at home.  Hard to believe, I know, but my mother, father, and two brothers are all computer-illiterate.  My mother-in-law and brother-in-law also do not use computers.

Whew!  I just had to get all that off my chest.  And, after all, it is what's going on with me today - and everyday.  Do you think if I press the "escape" button, I actually could?

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Denise said...

I've had those days. My life is spent on the computer. The fun part is walking my tutors through problems on their own computers. I thought I was pretty low on the computer literacy chain, but I find others down there with me. I can even help them with some of their problems and they think I am intelligent!!! I'll do ANYTHING to avoid the tech support phone line!