Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seize the Day!

I've just learned of the death of a fellow instructor at my college.  He was a man who I believe cared about his students and took his work seriously.  A nice man, whom I only knew slightly.  I know, though, that he had some close friends on the staff and that he had a wife and children he loved.  They will, no doubt, mourn him more than I can imagine.

For me, however, his death has reminded me once again of the fragility of life.  I will remember Tony Principe with fondness for his playful personality and friendly attitude toward all of us, but more than that I will remember him for renewing my sense that I must profit from every day.  Most of us fall easily into routines that allow us to take our lives for granted, but the loss of a friend or a life-threatening illness usually serves to remind us that we don't have forever here.

When I started to write my novel, I questioned whether I had waited too late to begin such a venture, and I'm so glad I didn't listen to that little voice that often tells me "you can't."  I have since been able to complete the book and find a publisher.  I look forward to the release of SNOWSTORM, but I am, today, simply grateful for the chance I've had to write it. It is an accomplishment for me.  I have learned that "I can" do many things I never imagined I could.

I know it's an old sentiment, expressed countless times. I just think there's a reason that so many poets and philosophers tell us in so many ways to "carpe diem" or "gather ye rosebuds while you may."   We just forget how important it is to "live like you were dying." Poetic words aside, here's one more reminder - one more excuse to do something today that matters to you.  I'm on my way to tell someone I love him, then I'm going to write, write, write!

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